Enviro Clean - Heavy Duty Oven/BBQ Cleaner 750mL

$12.75 each


EnviroClean Heavy Duty All Purpose Oven and BBQ Cleaner 500ml Powerful grease cutting cleaner. Cleans ovens, barbecues, grease from driveways, machinery, grime and any area where powerful cleaning is required. Dilute to clean family car. Heavy duty ready to use spray cleaner Oil on driveway No need to wear mask or gloves Oven and cooktops Barbeques Grease cutting qualities Economical refill available INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Spray directly onto soiled area, leave for a few minutes. Use scourer, brush, broom, scraper or cloth to clean, rinse with clean water. Excellent grease cutting properties suitable for cleaning commercial and domestic kitchens, grease on driveways and any area where powerful cleaning is required. Suitable for use with high pressure cleaners. No petrochemicals No phosphates No caustics No chlorine No animal testing Readily Biodegradable Septic & Sewerage safe