Enviro Clean - Top Load Laundry Liquid 1l

$12.50 each
Fair Trade

Very effective cleaning yet gentle on clothes and kind to delicate, sensitive skin. Excellent for whites and coloureds alike. No colour or fragrance added. Suitable for all water temperatures.

Concentrated and economical to use. No colour, no fragrance, suitable for front loading machines, top loading machines and hand washing. Grey water safe for your garden.

No phosphates

Non caustic

No chlorine

No animal testing

Readily Biodegradable surfctants AST4351

Septic and Sewerage safe


Dab directly onto stains before putting into machine. Suitable for use in front loading machines, top loading machines and for hand washing. Can be used in all water temperatures and in hard water.

40mls to 5 litres water for hand washing. 15mls - 1 cup depending on soiling and load size.

Use EnviroCare Fabric Conditioner in final rinse for extra softness and static removal.

Concentrated formula with no fillers ensuring economic usage.


Purified water, plant based nonionic, anionic surfactants and emulsifier.

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