Enviro Clean - All Purpose Cleaning Spray 750ml

$9.95 each

Powerful orange based cleaner for most general purpose cleaning. Removes dirt, grease, oil, wax, carbon deposits, ink dye, gum, pencil, animal fats and soap residue. Dilute as per directions. Economical & easy to use on metal, glass, floors, walls, light fittings, stoves, refrigerators, toilets, kitchens, bathrooms and machinery.

All purpose cleaner Walls, tiles, floors, windows, carpet spotting, etc. Very economical to use. Dilute to suit the job. Refill ready to use All Purpose Cleaner with concentrated Vigor. Can be mixed with enviroClean Disinfectant for toilets and bathroom. Laundry spotter. Window cleaning do not mix with disinfectant. Sizes:

110ml 1 litre 2 litre 5 litre 15 litre bulk INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

Concentrated formula with no fillers ensuring economic usage.

General Cleaning: 25ml to 750 ml water

Spray on and wipe off.

Higher Soiling: 25ml to 50ml to 750ml water depending on the level of soiling

Spray area and leave for 10 minutes, wipe or rinse off with clean water.

Heavy Soiling: 50ml to 100ml to 750ml water.

Spray area and leave for 10 minutes, wipe or rinse off with clean water.

Cleaning Windows:

10ml to 750ml water

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