Herbon - Laundry Washing Powder 2kg

$20.99 each
Fair Trade


Herbon Laundry Washing Powder has been scientifically formulated using carefully selected botanical, herbal and mineral ingredients to protect the environment while leaving your clothes clean and fresh.


Like all Herbon products, Herbon laundry powder is allergy free* and contains no-petrochemicals and no artificial perfumes or animal-derived ingredients. It's not tested on animals and is safe for septic systems. Made in Australia.


A safe, medically tested alternative to conventional laundry powders. Herbon laundry powder dissolves completely in hot or cold water and contains double-distilled Eucalyptus oil to leave your wash smelling fresh and clean. 100% biodegradable, this product also cares for the environment, breaking down completely into harmless compounds after 7 to 21 days.INGREDIENTS

INGREDIENTS: Soda Ash (mineral), Sodium Bicarbonate (mineral), Zeolite (mineral), Phosphate (mineral), Coconut Ethanolamine, Hydrogen peroxide (a bleach), Eucalyptus oil, purified water.

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